I specialize in working with individuals and couples on RELATIONSHIP ISSUES and past RELATIONAL TRAUMA (trauma that results from abuse or neglect in the context of close relationships and  has a profound effect on a person's development and relationships across the lifespan). I have a special interest in working with HSPs (HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSONS) and I am an HSP myself.

I can also help you with working on the following issues:

- Self-doubt, shame and inner critic

- Anxiety and stress

- Trauma and PTSD

- Depression

- Anger

- Life transitions

- Work-life balance

- Personal growth

- Immigration and cultural integration

We all feel overwhelmed and helpless sometimes. In those moments, the challenges of life seem so big and we feel so small and lonely. You don't have to be alone in this. I am committed to creating a safe, nurturing space for you to grow and become bigger than your issues and traumas, and to reclaim your power. I will meet you exactly where you are and we will move at your pace - gently challenging you. You will feel seen, heard, and cared for. In our work together I will be emotionally available, warm, open, non-judgmental and welcoming of any feedback.

In our therapeutic relationship, you will get to know yourself better and try new ways of being and relating. Over time, this will shift how you relate to yourself and others outside therapy. We may also use mindfulness and body sensations to access your deeper feelings and needs. I honor the mind-body-spirit connection and draw on many years of experience in teaching yoga with emphasis on its therapeutic value for the body and psyche. My work is also culturally sensitive.

My approach is individualized – I attune to each client to create a unique process that enables experience to unfold organically. At the core of my work are mindfulness and compassion. We explore the present moment to see how your habitual patterns are manifested and bring loving and kind awareness to your experience. This helps transform those patterns into new ways of being and feeling in a non aggressive manner. Your brain and nervous system can be rewired to live a more fulfilling, happy, meaningful life and you can have a new quality of relationships with yourself and others.

Please call me at 510 984 4883 any time for a free 15 minute phone consultation. You can also e-mail me at ilona@connectwithyourself.com